Sea Turtle Tracking Project in the Specially Protected Areas

Name Species Age Release Date
Patara C. caretta 30-35 19.08.2020
Likya C. caretta 25-30 19.08.2020
Belkıs C. caretta 40-45 19.08.2020
Kadriye C. caretta 35-40 21.08.2020
Belek C. caretta 30-35 21.08.2020
Uğurlu C. caretta 25-30 23.08.2020
Göksu C. caretta 30-35 29.08.2020
Mersin C. caretta 35-40 29.08.2020

With the support of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we obtain important data in order to take measures against climate change, in addition to determining the post-breeding migration routes and habitats of sea turtles that we monitor with a satellite monitoring device.

Our Satellite Studies

Previously Tracked Turtles: More details