Tracking Turtles via Satellite with Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Supports

Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning supports these efforts. Such species monitoring programs are aimed at determining the migratory routes of turtles and to evaluate the effects of environmental factors such as climate change.

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2021 - Tracking Sea Turtles

Name Species Age Release Date
Leyla C. caretta 20-27 27.09.2021
Suda C. caretta 26-31 27.09.2021
Özlem C. caretta 21-26 27.09.2021
Muhsine C. caretta 23-28 28.09.2021
Emel C. caretta 22-27 28.09.2021
Esin C. caretta 31-36 28.09.2021
Beyza C. caretta 31-36 28.09.2021
Zeynep C. caretta 20-25 28.09.2021
Meyra C. caretta 30-35 21.10.2021
Alice C. caretta 31-36 21.10.2021

2020 - Sea Turtle Tracking Project in the Specially Protected Areas

Name Species Age Release Date
Patara C. caretta 30-35 19.08.2020
Likya C. caretta 25-30 19.08.2020
Belkıs C. caretta 40-45 19.08.2020
Kadriye C. caretta 35-40 21.08.2020
Belek C. caretta 30-35 21.08.2020
Uğurlu C. caretta 25-30 23.08.2020
Göksu C. caretta 30-35 29.08.2020
Mersin C. caretta 35-40 29.08.2020

With the support of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we obtain important data in order to take measures against climate change, in addition to determining the post-breeding migration routes and habitats of sea turtles that we monitor with a satellite monitoring device.

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