Satellite Tracking

Sea turtles are migrating between nesting, feeding and wintering grounds. Thus, conserving nesting beaches is not enough to protect endangered sea turtles. Tracking sea turtles and discovering their routes is very important to protect other habitats that they use. Therefore, researchers are attaching sattalite transmitters to track sea turtles durin non-breeding period. DEKAMER is tracking turtles afer releasing treated turtles and after nesting season. You can find detailed information and project links below. Satellite tracking is very expensive. You can contact us to support our tracking project.

Where is Tuba?

Tuba is a 25 year old female loggerhead turtle who was recently rescued from the sea after seriously injuring her shell. We're tracking a satellite transmitter. You can see her last location on map (Location is updated periodically).

This study is supported by the TUI Care Foundation.

The TUI Care Foundation is also supporting one of our Projects: Turtles and Tourism can be Together, with which we aim to increase awareness about sea turtle conservation in tourism areas in the South Aegean coasts of Turkey.

Our Satellite Studies

Previously Tracked Turtles: More details