Working Rules


1) Volunteering comes first at the sea turtle centre. Volunteers should not stay away from
collaboration and should participate throughout the work.
2) Volunteers should be conscious about their responsibilities not only at the centre but also at land works on the beach and at places where the centre is being represented. The duties should be done systematically in time, should be meticulous and programmed.
3) Everyone should participate and work in collaboration.
4) Due to limitations of our accommodation facilities, we are not able to give separate room for volunteers who will join our studies as a couple.
5) Staying at Dalyan town centre at night is not possible due to lack of transportation between İztuzu beach and Dalyan after 19:30 until next morning. If you need to go Dalyan, please contact our staff.
6) During treatment and daily uses and also at land work attention should be paid for cleanliness. In fact volunteers should be aware of both the sea turtles and their health.
7) The sea turtle centre's order and cleanliness is in the response of everyone and should be done in collaboration.
8) Anything belonging to the centre such as the office, operation room, shelter or of the
rehabilitation area cannot be used without permission, in fact cannot be given to anyone from outside the centre. The equipment should be used attentively, after being used should be left where found.
9) The volunteers should be tolerant and kind in their attitude and behaviours and in case having arguments, they should keep away and come to an agreement.
10) It's forbidden to use any alcohol based drinks.
11) All volunteer should work in equality on all works (land work, rehabilitation, cleaning, kitchen, etc). Unlike not being able to help on one volunteering, the volunteer should easily pass on to another volunteering work and carry on participating.
12) For the work to be productive the volunteers should adjust the sleeping & waking times.
13) During volunteering hours everyone should be responsible; in their free times volunteers can do anything available.
14) The volunteer works are done in groups (land work, rehabilitation, cleaning, kitchen, etc) and continued regularly with changes.
15) The group of the land work should convey the equipments wholly, without any missing.
16) The volunteers should make the competent know before leaving the sea turtle centre.
17) The shopping at the centre is done once week; therefore the volunteers should take into consideration of their special needs.
18) Directions of the competent at the sea turtle should be conformed.
19) Disinfection of the tanks should be done regularly once a week.
20) The sea turtle pursuit document should be filled up regularly.
21) The documents should be filed regularly, programmed and complete.
22) The sea turtle centre is opened to visitors as well; so consider the fact while working.
23) The care, irrigation, cleaning and landscape should be done painstakingly.